Henry's black label kettle korn is the kettle korn we have made exclusively for family and friends for years, but never offered it for sale...until now. Anyone can make generic kettle korn, but making premium kettle korn requires a greater understanding of the cooking process. Ingredients, temperature, timing and proportions are all critical elements to making the best kettle korn. Without giving away too many trade secrets, below is a list of the ingredients we use:

POPCORN: We use a premium butterfly variety, yellow kernel popcorn for all our kettle korn. Our popcorn is superior in flavor, aroma and tenderness, while providing excellent expansion and popping consistency.

CANE SUGAR: We use only white granulated cane sugar because it produces the best flavor in the kettle korn cooking process. The timing of adding the sugar and the temperature at which it is cooked, are critical to ensuring that the sugar is at its sweetest and clearest on the kettle korn.

COCONUT/CORN OIL: For our specialty kettle korn, we use organic, virgin coconut oil that gives our korn just a hint of coconut flavor and aroma. This cold pressed, unrefined oil creates a lighter and more flavorful kettle korn. While there are several health benefits to using coconut oil, we like it for the taste and aroma. For our classic kettle korn, we use corn oil. 

SALT: We use a very fine salt manufactured specifically for popcorn that provides for greater adhesion.